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  Zen Temple Area (Including Choshoji Temple)

In 1610 the 2nd Tsugaru lord, Nobuhira, gathered all the primary temples of the Tsugaru area into an area to the south-west of Hirosaki Castle, building 33 Soto Zen Buddhist temples as a defensive measure. He also had the Tsugaru family temple Chosho-ji brought here, which, along with Nikko Tosho-gu temple, is regarded as an outstanding example of early Edo architecture. The statues of the 100 disciples of the Buddha, main hall and priest quarters are particularly worth seeing.

Throughout the year
Nishi-shigemori, Hirosaki
+81-172-32-0813 (Japanese Only)
Choshoji Temple
Take a Konan bus toward Kawaratai / Tashiro / Taiaki / Souma Line
About 15 minutes ride and get off at Shigemori-macii
5 minutes walk from that bus stop

Tamenobu Bus
About 15 minutes ride from JR Hirosaki Station and 5 minutes walk from that bus stop
No bus service in winter period

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