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  Dotemachi Shopping Street

This shopping street is in the center of Hirosaki, and stretches through Kamidote-machi・Nakadote-machi・Shitadote-machi. It’s lined with shops big and small, as well as places to eat and drink. Recently, Nakadote-machi and Shitadote-machi shopping streets, along with Hirosaki Nakasan, have worked together to revitalize the shopping area by going through the "Single Counter System" sales-tax exemption process to attract inbound tourists.    

Throughout the year
Kami Dotemachi Shopping Street:151 Dote-machi, Hirosaki
Naka Dotemachi Shopping Street:Smile Hotel 1F. 73-2 Dote-machi, Hirosaki
Shita Dotemachi Shopping Street:Hirosaki Syouji building. 22 Dote-machi, Hirosaki
Kami Dotemachi Shopping Street:+81-172-38-7030 (Japanese Only)
Naka Dotemachi Shopping Street:+81-172-33-7001 (Japanese Only)
Shita Dotemachi Shopping Street:+81-172-33-5369 (Japanese Only)
About 15 minutes walk from JR Hirosaki Station
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