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  Kuroishi Tourist Apple garden

When apple harvest season comes, visitors from all over come to enjoy the exquisite taste of fresh picked apples in the beautiful scenery of the Tsugaru plain’s amber waves of rice in the wind against the backdrop of the Iwaki mountains. The rest area inside the park not only sells and ships apples, but offers other Kuroishi souvenirs as well.
Apple varieties harvested: Fuji, Tsugaru, Orin, Hokuto, Jonagold and more (harvest season differs for each).

Early September to Mid-November 9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
Entrance fee 1,000 Yen(Souvenir Apple about 1.5㎏(With hand basket)) *In case of group it is necessary reservation
Tatsunokuchi Aseishi, Kuroishi
Kuroishi Apple Tourism Orchard
Leave the Tohoku Expressway at the Kuroishi IC and turn right, take national highway 102 toward Towada and turn right at the first lights. Go about 5 minutes.
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