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  Kuroishi Hot Spring Village

The four hot springs of Nuruyu, Ochiai, Itadome and Aoni together are known the Kuroishi Hot Spring Village, and has long been a flourishing onsen area. The city also has several others such as Choju and Ookawara Onsen, and each has its own mineral composition.
Come relax in a Kuroishi Onsen and enjoy the seasonal views and history of the region.

Kuroishi Tourist Information Center
By Car: Leave the Tohoku Expressway at the Kuroishi IC, take national highway 102 towards Lake Towada for about 30 minutes.
By Bus: Take the Nurugawa Line from Konan Railway Kuroishi Station and get off at Niji no Ko Koen stop. Transfer to the Aoni Onsen Shuttle Bus, it takes about 20 minutes.
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