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  Tsugaru Railway

The Tsugaru Railway has been running since 1930, and is Japan's northernmost private railway. It connects Tsugaru Goshogawara Station to Tsugaru Nakasato Station, a ride of about 45 minutes.
Tsugaru Railway runs all kinds of event trains, but the most well-known is surely the "Stove Train." Every car in the Stove Train is outfitted with a potbellied stove, creating an old fashioned atmosphere as passengers watch the snowy landscape pass by.
Other trains include the summer Wind chime Train, the autumn Cricket Train, and more.

Stove Train December 1 to March 31
fare and Stove Train fee 400 Yen
39 O-machi,Goshogawara
From JR Hirosaki Station to JR Goshogawara Station. About 50 minutes.
Walk from JR Goshogawara Station to nearby Tsugaru Railway Tsugaru Goshogawara Station.
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