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  Del Sole

Del Sole is inside the San Jaratto Local Community Facility on the 1st floor of the Tsugaru Railway Office building.
Inside this multi-purpose facility you can find original food products, local crafts and more, as well as a cafe, rest space and a meeting point for the Tsugaru Railway Supporters Club.
It's standout dishes are the Aomori Shamrock and Tsutetsu Soup with locally-grown ingredients like Chinese Yam and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. They also make and sell Stove Train Coal Cookies, inspired by the nationally-famous Tsugaru Railway Stove Train's coal fired potbelly stoves.

Regular holiday First week and 3rd week Sunday
(*Extraordinary sales,There is a case to rest)
39 O-machi,Goshogawara  
From JR Hirosaki Station to JR Goshogawara Station. About 50 minutes.
It's a short walk from JR Goshogawara Station.

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