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  Chaseborough cup

In 1889, the Cheseborough, a ship out of Bath, Maine USA wrecked in a rainstorm off the coast of Shichiri-Nagahama. The local villagers worked desperately to rescue the sailors and saved 4. The moving human drama of this story has reverberated to the present, and eventually the former Shariki Village and Bath were joined as Sister Cities. In 1990, Shariki Village held the first Cheseborough Cup, a swimming relay race where the swimmers race to symbolically cover the 10,200 km distance separating the village and Bath. With the motto of "A message of love and courage across the Sea," every year teams from all over the world gather and compete to fulfil the goal.

August first week on Sunday
Entry fee
General:20,000 Yen
Junior:10,000 Yen
Exhibition(Elementary school fourth grader over):3,000 Yen 
Magua beach. 1-1778 Byoubuzan Tomiyachi-cho,Tsugaru
Tsugaru City Hall Economy Commerce and tourism department
About 40 minutes drive from JR Gono line Kizukuri Station.

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