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  Tsugaru City Uma-Ichi Festival

The Umakkoichi horse market here was once counted among the 3 biggest in Tohoku, but from 1975 the city changed it to the Uma-Ichi festival instead, parading gallant horse-shaped Nebuta floats through the streets. The Horse Nebuta gather at the Fire Festival grounds where they're set alight to join the spirits of all those horses who have served the farmers here. That ceremony is called the Shinden Fire Festival, and in 1999 it was awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize in the Beautiful Japanese Village View contest.

Last week of August,Friday Saturday Sunday of 3 days
6-10 Kizukuri Hagino,Tsugaru
Tsugaru City Hall Economy Commerce and tourism department
Main Event Venue: Tsugaru Civic Event Square (in front of the Tsugaru City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall) 
About 10 minutes walk from JR Gono line Kizukuri Station.
Parade: Along the Kizukuri District Shopping Street
Shinden Fire Festival: Aeon Mall Tsugarukashiwa Parking Lot

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