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Aomori prefecture Tsugaru area tourist information site

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  Tsugaru City Regular Sightseeing Bus Tour

This bus tour lets you see all of Tsugaru City's biggest sights along with a volunteer tour guide. There are two courses, A and B, and you can take a stroll around the Jomon Village remains around Bense marsh. Come see all of Tsugaru City's natural beauty!

Late May to Mid-June
Adult?2,000 Yen
Less than Middle school students \1,500(Lunch,Including facility entry fee)
61-1 Wakamidori Kizukuri,Tsugaru
Tsugaru City Tourism Bureau of Association Secretariat(Tsugaru City Hall Economy Commerce and tourism department)
Information: Tsugaru City Office 1st Floor Lobby
By Train to JR Gono line Kizukuri Station: There is a shuttle bus between the station and City Office.
By Car: About 10 minutes’ drive from the Tsugaru Expressway Tsugaru Kashiwa IC.

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