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  Jomon era museum ‘KARKO’

Relics unearthed from ruins around the city and prefecture, including Kamegaoka, are on display here. There are also restored pit dwellings with Jomon-inspired robots recreating scenes of daily life from the period, and talking to visitors in ancient tongues. The Shakoki (Lit: "Light blocking device") clay figure found at the Kamegaoka ruins in 1887 was named so because the exaggerated eyes resemble eyewear used by ancient northern civilizations as a kind of sunglasses. The figure was designated an Important Cultural Property in 1928, and is now kept at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno. This museum displays a replica made from molds taken from the original.

9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm Closing day:Monday,Day after the holiday,Year-end and Beginning of the year
General 200 Yen(100 Yen)
High school student,University student 100 Yen(50 Yen)
Elementary school student,Middle school students 50 Yen(20 Yen)
*The inside of () will be a group rate of 15 people or more.
59-1 Wakamidori Kizukuri,Tsugaru
Tsugaru City Jomon era museum ‘KARKO’
About 15 minutes walk from JR Gono line Kizukuri Station, next to Tsugaru City Office.

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