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  Tsugaru Chikyu Mura

A place to play in the air and sun. This spot is filled with ways to enjoy the great outdoors, getting your fill of fresh air and sunlight. Get a taste of village warmth and the beauty of nature.

Lodging (Hotel): Western Style Room (2 or more guests) 5,940 Yen - Japanese style 13sq. m 4,320 Yen / 16.5 sq. m (3 or more guests) 4,860 Yen
(Cottage) - 6-person 22,680 Yen / 4-person 15,120 Yen / 2-person 12,960 Yen Check-in is from 15:00, Checkout until 11:00.
Auto Campground: Entry Fee - Adults (Jr. High and older) 648 Yen Children (Elementary School) 324 Yen Check-in is from 15:00, Checkout until 11:00.

Sports park 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm 
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244 Hujiyama Tokomai Morita-cho,Tsugaru
Tsugaru Chikyu Mura
About 15 minutes drive from JR Gono line Mutsumorita Station.

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