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Seibi-en is a Japanese garden with raised traditional dry landscape and pond. Moriyoshi Seito, the 24th master of the Seito family, invited the 4th generation master of the Oishibugakuryu style, Teiju Obata, to build it in 1902. It took 9 years to complete.
The Seibikan hall has a unique beauty that melds perfectly with the garden. It's built in a rare mix of Japanese and western styles and still retains a feeling of Meiji era culture. It was also used as the model for a famous animated movie setting.

9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
(Mid-November to Mid-April 10:00 am to 3:00 pm *Winter reception is adjacent " Motenashi Roman Center")
Closing day:Year-end and Beginning of the year
Adult?430 Yen
Middle school students,High school student 270 Yen
Elementary school student 160 Yen *Group discounts available
(Winter period:
Adult?210 Yen
Middle school students,High school student 130 Yen
Elementary school student 80 Yen)
1 Ishibayashi Saruka,Hirakawa 036-0242
◇ Hirosaki Station Konan Railway
Hirosaki Station - Tsugaru Onoe Station (20 minutes) - 10 minutes walk
◇ Hirosaki Station Konan Bus
Hirosaki Station Seibi-en Mae Stop (30 minutes)
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