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  Tsugaru Peaches

Farmers started growing peaches in Aomori's Tsugaru region in 2004 as a way to deal with low apple prices and the threat of typhoons to early-ripening apples. Due to the large day and night temperature differences in the Tsugaru area, the peaches here are rich and sweet, with firm flesh.
JA Tsugaru Mirai distributes only the most delicious peaches. The peaches are run through an Optical Sugar Sensor and are classified on size, sweetness and color bases.
Tsugaru peaches are in season from early August to early October, with 13 varieties that ripen in relay. The chief variety is Kawanakajima Hakuto white peaches, which reach their peak output from early September.

Early August to Early October
55-1 Hujimaki Niidate,Hirakawa
JA Tsugaru Mirai Hiraka Sales Center
◇ Hirosaki Station Konan Railway
Hirosaki Station - Hiraka Station (13 minutes) - 30 minutes walk.
Hirosaki Station - Hiraka Station (13 minutes) - 5 minutes drive.

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