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  Hirakawa Neputa Festival

The Tsugaru area of Aomori is overflowing with Neputa Festivals in August, and they've become the symbol of summer for many here.
Hirakawa also hosts its own Neputa Festival, on August 2nd and 3rd. The parade hosts about 30 neputa in its parade, drawing large crowds of spectators.
Hirakawa's neputa are unique in that the each group takes a different route and uses different music. As the music takes over and your body begins to move on its own, the powerful sound of taiko fills the heart with a true festival feeling.
And bringing up the rear of the parade is the "World's Tallest Ohgi Neputa." Filling the whole width of the road and almost bowling over the crowded watchers, spectacle is truly magnificent.

August 2 and 3
(Paid viewing Seats)
Hiraka Ekimae Street Konan railway
Hirakawa City Chamber of Commerce
◇ Hirosaki Station Konan Railway
Hirosaki Station - Hiraka Station (13 minutes). Near the station.

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