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  Outlook Monorail Shirakami-Go

The outlook monorail Shirakami-Go runs from the local product shop Colobuckle in WeSPA Tsubakiyama. The cars were decorated based on the nationally famous local JR Gono line's Resort Shirakami trains. The train lets you enjoy a leisurely 10 minute one-way ride reaching a maximum 25 degree gradient with an elevation difference of 102 meters over a 561 meter course. From the top, you can look out over the World Natural Heritage Site Shirakami-Sanchi, or watch the sun set and the fishermen's lights in the Sea of Japan.

Adult?(Middle school students over)500 Yen
Children?(Elementary school student)300 Yen
Infant(Less than Elementary school students)Free
226-1 Nabeishi Henashi,Fukaura
Wespa Tsubaki-Yama
Take the JR Gono Line from Hirosaki Station to WeSPa Tsubakiyama Station.
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