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  Meyakeikoku Valley

Welcome to the countryside! Why not take a tour of the local land and famous sites with a local villager as guide? You can get close to nature and feel gratitude for the blessings of the satoyama (where farm land and wild land meet). There are many must-sees and hidden power spots, such as Niogataki falls, which freeze completely in winter and were long used to predict harvest bounty, or the natural caves of the Iwaki River banks in which the Iwaya Kannon is enshrined. Enjoy the charms of the old fashioned atmosphere and carefree village life. Spending time with the villagers and their idyllic, gentle Tohoku dialect is good for the body and the soul.

Late April - early November Approximately 4 km ・ 2 hours 30 minutes
Price per person 3,300 Yen(tax included) ※3days prior to reservation is needed
Tsugaru Shirakami Tour
By Car: 45 minutes drive from Tohoku Expressway Owani/Hirosaki IC, 30 minutes from JR Hirosaki Station.
By Plane: 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Aomori Airport.
By Bus: Leave from Stop 7 at Hirosaki Bus Terminal or Stop 6 in front of Hirosaki Station.
Take the bus toward Tashiro / Oaki / Imoritai for about 50 minutes. Get off at Nishimeya Murayakuba Mae.

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