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  Tokiwa Hachimangu Toshinawa Offering Ceremony

This traditional event takes place every New Year's day in the Tokiwa district as a prayer for good harvests and safe families in the new year. Massive Toshinawa ceremonial ropes, 4.4m long, 2.3m thick, and weighing 400kg, are offered to Tokiwa Hachimangu shrine.
Men clad only in loincloths and still wet from their ritual cleansing carry the huge Toshinawa and straw rice bundles through the streets toward Tokiwa Hachimangu, their cries of "Saigi, Saigi, Dokosaigi" filling the frigid air.

25-10 Gomiyamoto Tokiwa,Fujisaki
Tokiwa Area Community Council
About 10 minutes walk from JR Kitatokiwa Station.

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