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    Owani Regional Community Center Wani come

This facility is a relaxing, unhurried and comfortable place to come and take in the 800 years of Owani Onsen history. In addition to the onsen, this bustling landmark has a great diner, sweets, direct sales area and a large selection of souvenirs. It's the pride of Owani!
The onsen inside, Wani no Yu, has two large public baths made from lavish wood and stone, and each day they trade off between men and women so that everyone can enjoy both.

9:00 am ~ 10:00 pm(※Closed: Third Thursday of every month)
Bathing fee Adult?500 Yen,Children 250 Yen
11-11 Kawabe Owani,Owani
Owani Regional Community Center Wani come
Take the ?u Line from JR Hirosaki Station to Owani Onsen Station. About 11 minutes.
It's about 2 minutes walk from Owani Onsen Station.

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