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   Owani Onsen Moyashi Bean Sprouts

This traditional vegetable has been cultivated here for over 350 years, and was beloved of the Tsugaru lords. Over 30cm long, with a crisp texture, wonderful flavor and high quality, they've become a special product of the city. They are all grown by hand using the heat and water of the onsen hot springs.
There are 5 different shops in town offering Owani Onsen beansprout ramen. You can also get the Owani Onsen Moyashi Umakadon made with Owani Onsen beansprouts and locally grown Aomori Shamrock Chicken at the Regional Community Center Wani come.

Differ depending on store
11-11 Kawabe Owani,Owani
Owani Onsen Tourist Information Center
Take the ?u Line from JR Hirosaki Station to Owani Onsen Station. About 11 minutes.
It's about 2 minutes walk from Owani Onsen Station.

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