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    Owani Tourist Apple Garden

The Owani Kogen Apples are richly flavored apples with high quality color, aroma and texture created by the temperature variation and soil quality characteristic of the tableland zone. When the harvest season approaches, the city comes alive with branches laden with beautiful bright red fruit.
You can try picking Owani Kogen apples yourself at Owani Tourist Apple Garden. Do try the juicy flavor of fresh-picked apples for yourself!

Early September to Mid-November
500 Yen (with three apples)
5-3 Hagurodate Owani,Owani
Owani Town hall Agriculture and forestry section
Take the ?u Line from JR Hirosaki Station to Owani Onsen Station. About 11 minutes.
It's about 20 minutes walk from Owani Onsen Station.

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