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  Ozawanai Spring Pool

The spring water seeping forth here at Ashinonumagun Prefectural Natural Park has undetectably low levels of turbidity and color. The spring, renowned for its incredible properties, has been preserved for the purposes of irrigation in local rice cultivation on the Tsugaru plains. The spring also serves local residents well as a source for drinking water. This spring pool sees over 15tons of water seep out every day, and because of this and its other unique qualities, it has been designated as one of the top 100 springs of the Heisei period (Ministry of the Environment). It is a symbol of the land’s blessing for Nakadomari and its people.

From October to May, visitors should exercise caution as the spring is fully submerged.

Prime viewing season
June to September
(* Submerged from October to May)
Ozawanai Tameike Park
Unabara Ozawanai, Nakadomari
Marine products commerce and Tourism Division,
Town of Nakadomari
209 Momijizaka Nakasato, Nakadomari

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