Q: What’s Tsugaru Free Pass? And where can I use it?
A: Centering around Hirosaki in Tsugaru area, Aomori, Goshogawara (North), Hirakawa/Ikarigaseki (South), Kuroishi (East) and Nishimeya (West) is covered as free area. Inside of the area, you can use all local (including rapid) trains of JR East, Konan-tetsudo railway, Tsugaru-tetsudo railway and Konan-buses (local buses) for two days with Tsugaru Free Pass.
Q: Where can I buy Tsugaru Free Pass?
A: You can purchase your Tsugaru Free Pass at JR East Ticket Office “Midori-no-Madoguchi” in stations in free area, Akita prefecture (excluding Higashi-Odate Station, Towada-Minami Station and Kazuno-hanawa Station) Fukaura Station and Ajigasawa Station, “View Plaza” and by ticket vending machines of reserved seats.
Q: How long does Tsugaru Free Pass valid for?
A: Any consecutive two days. You can purchase the ticket a month prior to use.
Q: How much is Tsugaru Free Pass?
A: 2,100 yen for an adult and 1,050 yen for a kid.
Q: Where can I get a guide book for Tsugaru Free Pass?
A: You can have it for free by showing your Tsugaru Free Pass at JR Ticket Office “Midori-no-Madoguchi” in free area (Hirosaki Station, Kawabe Station, Goshogawara Station, Itayanagi Station, Namioka Station, Tsugarushinjyo Station, Shin-Aomori Station and Aomori Station), “View Plaza” in Hirosaki Station and Aomori, and Hirosaki Sightseeing Center (Located in the 1st floor of Hirosaki Station).
Q: What’s in the guide book for Tsugaru Free Pass?
A: You can have all the information about sightseeing spots, discount coupons of participating facilities, stores and restaurants and timetable of all transportations in the covered area.